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Un crimen común (original title)
1h 36min   Thriller  Language: Spanish  Subtitles: English



Cecilia is a sociology teacher at the University. One stormy night, Kevin, a poor young 15-year old, the son of her maid, desperately knocks on the door of her house. Terrified, she doesn’t open. The next day, Kevin’s body shows up floating in the river, murdered by the police. Cecilia begins to be haunted by the young man’s ghost. Disturbed, she tries to forget him and go on with her life, but now it seems she is the ghost.


Stars - Francisco Márquez

Director - Francisco Márquez
Screenplay - Francisco Márquez and Tomás Downey
Cinematography - Federico Lastra
Editing Lorena Moriconi
Sound Abel Tortorelli
Music Orlando Scarpa Neto
Producers Luciana Piantanida, Andrea Testa, Francisco Márquez, Daniel Pech, Dan Wechsler, Andreas Roald


"Directed with stylistic canniness and empathetic insight."  SCREEN DAILY

"An interesting exploration of the expanding distance between the classes in modern day Argentina and the injustices suffered as a result of it." THE UPCOMING

"The film’s great asset, along with Carricajo’s performance, is how seemingly mundane elements become the tools in succinctly portraying an alarming state in society."  SCREEN ANARCHY

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