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Documentary  Language: Language: English, French, Spanish  Subtitles: English

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Desire: The Carl Craig Story is an intimate portrait of legendary techno producer, DJ and record label creator Carl Craig and an ode to his beloved city, Detroit. Raised in a middle-class African-American family, Carl's parents fostered his artistic pursuits, even if that meant breaking with his family's tradition of pursuing higher education.

With Detroit's decline and recovery as a backdrop, Desire: The Carl Craig Story follows the career of a musical pioneer whose genre-defying techno music – which was inspired by a wide range of sounds, has been performed to jazz enthusiasts at the Montreux Jazz Festival and in the premier classical auditoriums around the world, including Carnegie Hall.

Thirty-five years into his music career, Carl Craig, a leading figure of the second generation of the Detroit techno artists, has now been embraced by the visual arts world, with recent exhibitions at MOCA in Los Angeles and Dia Beacon in New York.

But at the pinnacle of his creative and deejaying success, the musician faces challenges that could ultimately force him to stay away from the dance floor.


Writer/Director - Jean-Cosme Delaloye

Producers - Dan Wechsler, Andreas Roald

Cinematographer - Fábio Erdos, Gabriel Bonnefoy

Sound - Jorge Sierra, David Puntener

Editor - Kenneth Wachtel

Music Editors - Mirko Loko, Ladislav Agabekov

Featuring Original Music by - Carl Craig


Jean-Cosme Delaloye has been pursuing stories around the world for the past two decades, first as a reporter and then as a filmmaker. Before Desire: The Carl Craig Story, he directed documentary films such as Scars We Carry (2024), Harley (Tribeca 2020), Stray Bullet (2018) and La Prenda (2015).

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