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1h 35min   Drama   Language: English



Escalating animosity between two men with opposing philosophies of life is played out against the backdrop of a decaying seaside resort along the Black Sea coast. Laevsky is a dissipated romantic given to gambling and flirtation. He has run off to the sea with beautiful, emotionally empty, Nadia, another man's wife. Laevsky has now grown tired of her, but two obstacles block his route to escape: he is broke, and he faces the absolute enmity of Von Koren, an arrogant zoologist and former friend who can no longer tolerate Laevsky's irresponsibility. Soon Laevsky confronts Von Koren, accusing him of meddling in his affairs, but Von Koren maneuvers a criticism Laevsky makes of their mutual friend, Dr. Samoylenko, into a challenge to a duel. Utterly discombobulated and honor bound, Laevsky agrees to this absurdity, a duel it shall be! A duel as comically inadvertent as it is inevitable.


Stars - Andrew Scott, Fiona Glascott, Tobias Menzies

Director - Dover Koshashvili

Screenplay - Mary Bing, Anton Chekhov (novel)

Cinematography - Paul Sarossy

Editing - Kate Williams

Music - Angelo Milli

Producers - Donald Rosenfeld, Mary Bing, Suza Horvat, Per Melita, Igor Nola, Frank Pavich


Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards 2011
Nominee - CSC Award, Best Cinematography in Theatrical Feature (Paul Sarossy)


"A very satisfying and tonally precise English-language adaptation of an 1891 Chekhov novella." NEW YORK TIMES

"A lush and loyal adaptation of Chekhov's novella, which nails the atmosphere and features brilliant performance all round."

Blessed with a superb cast in perfect synch with Chekhov's sensibilities, rendering this a lush, literate film in which the intricacies of human relationships are as heart-stopping as a high-speed car chase." KILLER MOVIE REVIEWS

"The Duel is scrumptious and refined. It contains superb acting by all, expert pacing and lensing that might make you hop the next jetliner to Croatia." NEW YORK POST

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