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Békeidõ (original title)
1h 32min   Drama   Language: Hungarian   Subtitles: English



Dropped into a web of family, sexual, political and romantic relationships where nothing is quite what it seems. One event leads to something else, people appear in one situation and reappear in another and by the end the lives of 22 people intersect in unpredictable ways during a 90-minute period on one magical night in the city they share.

Orchestrating a sophisticated toing and froing of characters, which takes place in one town over the course of one night, Hungarian filmmaker Szabolcs Hajdu offers up a work embarking upon an in-depth exploration of human intimacy as experienced today.

'Treasure City' is now available to purchase through Vimeo On Demand.


Stars - Orsolya Török-Illyés, Szabolcs Hajdu, Lilla Sárosdi

Director - Szabolcs Hajdu

Screenplay - Szabolcs Hajdu

Cinematography - Csaba Bántó

Editing - Szabolcs Kovari

Music - Freakin' Disco

Producers - Fanni Erb, Fruzsina Eszes, Szabolcs Hajdu, Andreas Roald, Jim Stark, Iringó Tóth Gödri, Orsolya Török-Illyés,

Dan Wechsler, Jamal Zeinal Zade, Bálint Zágoni, Tamás Zányi


"Brilliantly acted by the entire cast... a rich film."  CINEUROPA

"Treasure City is a metaphor for our post-covid world, exposing the anger, frustration and inertia. Cinematographer Banto Csaba uses magic realism to create a nightly universe of turmoil, misunderstandings and emotional frustration." 
Meredith Taylor, FILMUFORIA  ​  


“The conversations in Szabolcs Hajdu’s Treasure City are intense and involving. You are so embroiled in the conflicts of the characters that you feel the tension rising with each passing moment.”  Vikas Yadav , UK FILM REVIEW

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