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Documentary   Language: Spanish  Subtitles: English

Best International Documentary Nominee at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

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Out On Digital 13 May


In Mexico, 350,000 people have been killed over the last 15 years by armed perpetrators, 30,000 of which are under 18. A Wolfpack Called Ernesto is a travel exploration to the bowels of the most fragile link on the chain - kids. The film follows the paths of the youths collectively named 'Ernesto' - victims as well as sicarios - who in a certain moment of their lives had access to a gun, used it to kill, and soon became a part of the many pieces of a crime organization.

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DirectorEverardo González

Writers - Óscar Balderas, Everardo González, Daniela Rea

Cinematographer - Mauro Herce

Producers - Roberto Garza , Inna Payán, Jean-Christophe Simons

Executive Producers - Marie Jeanne Kushfe, Dayana Rodrigues, Andreas Roald, Dan Wechsler, Jamal Zeinal Zade

Co-producers - Jean-Christophe Simon


Everardo González is a Mexican director, who is considered as one of the strongest voices in the documentary genre in Latin America. His filmography includes Pulque Song (2003), The Old Thieves (2007), The Open Sky (2011), Drought (2011), El Paso (2015), Wilderness (2020), and Lopon (2020) all of which screened and were awarded at various festivals including Berlin, IDFA, Toulouse, Locarno, Montreal, BAFICI, Sarajevo, Guadalajara and Morelia.

His film Devil’s Freedom (2017) was awarded the Amnesty International Film Prize at the Berlinale in 2017. In 2018 he directed 3 Minute Hugs, Netflix Originals in Latin America.  He collaborated with the New York Times OpDocs with the film Children from the Narcozone, which was nominated for a News and Doc Emmy Award.

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